How to Prepare for a Virtual Visit

We do our best to begin virtual visits as close to your child’s scheduled appointment time as possible. However, the virtual visit appointment time is an estimation of when we will begin the process of checking in your child for the visit. The doctor will not be available to see your child immediately at the time of your scheduled appointment. When preparing to connect to the Virtual Visit, please be aware of the following:

  • You will receive an email prior to the appointment to complete the required check-in process. After check in, if your visit is starting soon you will be able to go directly into a virtual waiting room. Otherwise, you will receive another email with the link to join your virtual visit. 
  • Click “Start My Virtual Visit” ten minutes before you are scheduled to meet with your provider. You will see a virtual waiting room. 
  • You do not need to wait and keep your child in front of the computer. A medical assistant will call you when the doctor is almost ready to see your child. 
  • Once your provider is available, you will hear an alert noise and the “Join Visit” button will become active for you to click on and connect with your provider. Within moments, your provider will be visible to you on the screen and you may begin your virtual visit!

To ensure a successful Virtual Visit we ask that you do the following:

  • Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and that the video and audio functions are turned on and working properly on your device. 
  • Find a quiet, well-lit space for your child’s visit. 
  • Please make sure that your child is available to be present for the appointment.
  • Please take your child’s temperature prior to the visit.
  • Whenever possible, weigh your child prior to the appointment. This will help with the doctor’s assessment and will also allow the doctor to properly dose medications. 
  • Keep a flashlight nearby to help the doctor examine your child. 
  • Have any medications your child is currently taking with you during the appointment.

For more information about what types of appointments are appropriate for Virtual Visits and FAQ’s go here.