Don’t use homemade formula. Don’t dilute formula.  Don’t give toddler formula to infants.  

Don’t give cow’s milk or plant-based milks (almond, soy, pea, oat, etc.) under 12 months of age. 

Babies younger than age 12 months should be fed infant formulas specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs. Adding extra water or other liquids to infant formula can be dangerous.


Store brand / generic formulas (

– Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kroger, Costco and others sell formulas under their own labels.

– All store brand infant formulas currently sold in the US are made by the same manufacturer (Perrigo).

– Store brand formulas meet the same FDA nutritional and quality standards as brand name formulas.



Standard Cow Milk-Based: intended for infants who have a normal GI tract.  Standard formulas contain full-sized cow milk protein.

– Enfamil NeuroPro Infant

– Store Brand Infant (compares to Enfamil NeuroPro) –

– Enfamil Enspire (includes lactoferrin protein which is also found in breast milk)

– Similac Pro-Advance

– Store Brand Advantage (compares to Similac Pro Advance) –

– Similac 360 Total Care (includes human milk oligosaccharides also found in breast milk)  


Partially Hydrolyzed Cow Milk-Based: intended for infants who are experiencing discomfort when they digest the full-sized cow’s milk proteins or who have a history of digestive issues.  

– Similac Pro Total Comfort

– Store Brand Complete Comfort (compares to Similac Total Comfort) –

– Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease

– Store Brand Gentle (compares to Enfamil Gentlease) –

– Enfamil Enspire Gentlease

– Gerber Good Start GentlePro (100% whey protein)

– Gerber Good Start Gentle Supreme (A2 milk beta casein protein)

– Gerber Good Start Soothe (100% whey protein/probiotics/30% reduced lactose)

– Store Brand Tender (compares to Gerber Good Start Soothe) –


Cow Milk-Based Extensively Hydrolyzed / Hypoallergenic: intended for infants who are allergic to and/or cannot tolerate full-sized cow’s milk proteins

– Enfamil Nutramigen

– Store Brand Hypoallergenic (compares to Enfamil Nutramigen) –

– Similac Alimentum (ready to feed liquid is corn-free)

– Gerber Good Start Extensive HA (100% whey protein)

– Enfamil Pregestimil (with MCT oil for infants who have trouble absorbing fat)


Cow Milk-Based Amino Acid / Elemental: intended for infants who are allergic to and/or cannot tolerate intact cow’s milk protein and are not able to tolerate extensively hydrolyzed formulas. These formulas may be covered by insurance in Texas and typically require a prescription.

– Neocate (

– Similac EleCare (

– Enfamil PurAmino (​​

– Alfamino (


Plant-Based: intended for infants who have galactosemia, are on a vegan diet or are unable to digest lactose (usually temporary).  Soy formulas are not the first choice for cow’s milk protein intolerance since up to 50% of the infants who have milk allergy are also sensitive to soy protein.

– Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based

– Similac Soy Isomil

– Store Brand Soy (compares to Similac Soy Isomil) –

– Gerber Good Start Gentle Soy (Kosher and Halal)


Cow Milk-Based, reduced lactose: intended for infants who are not able to tolerate lactose.  Lactose intolerance is not common in infants.  All plant-based formulas are lactose-free.

– Similac Pro Sensitive

– Store Brand Sensitivity (compares to Similac Pro Sensitive) –

– Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive


Added rice starch: intended for infants with gastroesophageal reflux.  These formulas often cause constipation so it is best to discuss with your baby’s doctor before starting.

– Enfamil AR 

– Store Brand Added Rice (compares to Enfamil AR) –

– Similac for Spit-up


Organic: intended for families who prefer organic foods.

– Similac Advance Organic

– Enfamil Simply Organic

– Earth’s Best Dairy (standard), Sensitivity (reduced lactose), or Gentle (partially hydrolyzed whey) 

– Bobbie ( European-style, Kosher, no corn syrup or palm oil, CLP Purity Award.

– ByHeart Whole Nutrition ( Kosher, no corn syrup or palm oil, CLP Purity Award.

– Nature’s Own Baby’s Only (marketed for toddlers, but meets all nutritional requirements for infants)


Premature infant, 22 calorie Cow Milk-Based: intended for preterm infants (less than 37 weeks gestation); nutrient-enriched to promote catch-up growth and healthy development.

– Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare

– Similac NeoSure


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