Insurance Concerns

Due to Forest Lane Pediatrics joining Privia Medical Group you may receive a notification from your insurance provider that we will no longer be in-network with that provider come October. Please be assured that we are still in-network with all insurance providers we accepted previously except Blue Advantage. Our old contracts were terminated when we joined Privia which triggered the sending of the letter by our old contract provider. What the letter fails to mention is that we now have new contracts through Privia so there is no gap in our in-network status and ability to care for patients on the plans we accept.

As expected with insurance providers, there may be some technical hiccups during this transition. For example, if your insurance requires you to identify a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for your child, you will likely need to call them and reassign your doctor as the termination of our old contract likely disassociated your doctor’s name from your child’s insurance plan. Another problem some families may run into is that some of the insurance providers are slowly re-adding the names of our providers to their directory. This may mean that when you call to confirm that your doctor is in-network, they may say that she is not. We recognize this is frustrating and we are doing our best to resolve this issue. Please be assured, that even if the insurance provider does not have your doctor listed as being in-network, if your insurance is listed on our approved list, then we are in-network for your provider. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, please message us through the portal or email our billing coordinator