Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of Frequently Asked Office Questions should answer many of your general questions about our practice at Forest Lane Pediatrics of Dallas, Frisco, and Mesquite. Please contact us if you have additional questions or to make an appointment

What are the regular office hours?

We offer early morning office hours Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30 AM, and we accept phone calls for same-day appointments until 3:00 PM. Our physicians will stay as long as necessary to ensure that every patient who requests an appointment is seen. We also offer Saturday morning clinic hours for sick visits that begin at 8:00 AM. Appointments are accepted by phone from 8-10 AM, and the physicians will stay until all of the patients are seen.

Who will see my baby in the hospital?

Whomever you have chosen as your baby’s primary pediatrician will see your baby while you are in the hospital. We make every effort possible to ensure that the same doctor sees your baby throughout the entire hospital stay, but sometimes this is not possible due to the weekend call schedule or scheduled days off. In the event your pediatrician is not able to see your baby every day of the hospitalization, your pediatrician will communicate all pertinent information regarding the care of your baby to the covering doctor responsible for seeing your baby to ensure that your child receives the most comprehensive care possible.

Are there well and sick waiting rooms?

Yes, we have both. In addition to having separate waiting rooms, we also have private exam rooms that each contain a television and children’s books. This also allows us to limit the time that your child might be exposed to a sick child by allowing you to wait in a private room.

Who answers phone calls during regular business hours?

Calls made to the office during regular business hours are answered by the nurses and physicians. Any advice given by a nurse will be approved by the physician. All advice given over the phone is recorded in your child’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and no matter whom you speak with, your physician will be notified of your call.

Who answers after hours phone calls?

If you call the office when we are closed your call will be answered by a pediatric nurse. The nurse will be happy to answer any questions and give advice regarding the care of your child, but the nurse will not have access to your child’s chart and can’t prescribe any medications or authorize any refills. A doctor from Forest Lane Pediatrics is always on call and available to the after hours nurse if the nurse needs assistance in caring for your child.

Can my child be seen at either practice location?

Yes. We recognize that many families may work in one Metroplex location, but reside in another. For this reason, one office location may not always be as convenient as the other. You are always welcome to make an appointment at either our Frisco, Mesquite, or Dallas office location. Because we have an EMR that is shared between both locations, you can rest assured that no matter at which office your child is seen, the doctor will have access to the complete medical record to ensure continuity of care.

Will my child always be seen by the same doctor?

All well visits will be scheduled with your child’s regular doctor so that your family and the doctor can develop a long-term relationship. Regarding sick visits, it may not always be possible for your child to see his or her regular doctor, but you will always be able to choose another doctor who has an appointment time that best meets your needs.

Is the practice on social media?

Yes, we have Instagram, X, and Facebook accounts. Our social media accounts are wonderful tools that allow us to share fun, informative articles with our families, as well as timely and important information regarding issues that affect our patients. Our website is a robust resource that hosts information about our practice, is a source of pertinent information about management of common pediatric ailments, and provides access to our Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is a tool that gives parents access to their child’s Electronic Medical Record. This means that our families have the ability to view their child’s immunization record, upcoming vaccinations, medications and allergies; as well as request refills of medications, request completion of forms, and send confidential and secure messages to our staff from any computer with internet access!

Do the doctors respond to e-mail?

No, the doctors do not respond to e-mail as it is not considered a secure form of communication by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. However, the doctors do respond to messages sent via our secure patient portal.

What services does Forest Lane Pediatrics provide that I won’t find at the average pediatric office?

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most state-of-the-art health care in North Texas. We have used Electronic Medical Records since 2001 and have continued to update and improve our computer systems in an effort to be more efficient and improve the access that our parents have to their child’s health information. In addition to state-of-the-art computer systems, we also use innovative health care technologies to better serve the needs of our patients. Examples include: correction of cosmetic ear deformities in newborns using the EarWell Correction System, computerized ADD/ADHD testing and screening for vision problems in children using a photo vision scanner. While we are excited to offer these cutting edge technologies to our patients, we are most proud of our tradition of providing exceptional pediatric service in a caring and compassionate environment. No amount of technology will ever take the place of patience and compassion, the foundations of our practice.

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